Asset Management

Tracking and managing an asset through its lifecycle is essential and especially important when it gets retired so an organization can maximize the recovery. Wistron GreenTech utilizes industry leading software to track all assets from the time of receipt to final disposition. The different stages or processes includes:

  • Receiving and inventory
  • Sort and assessment
  • Data destruction
  • Test and refurbish
  • Remarketing and recycling

ER TECK Inc. has a Remarketing program for every organization whether it is Revenue Share, Employee Purchase or Charitable donation.


Not all assets are always in a condition where they can be tested and then are ready for resell.
Some are physically damaged, need minor repair, data sanitization, upgraded or simply cleaned.
Whatever the case ER TECK Inc. has skilled, trained technicians to perform any level of refurbishment.
Assets identified and sent for refurbishing may include replacing plastic, data sanitization, memory or hard drive upgrade, gold disk imaging and more.


Some retired assets are not suitable for remarketing because they are obsolete, damaged beyond repair or it is too costly to repair them.
The EPA estimates a large majority of these assets end up in the landfill or get exported to developing countries.
There are many reasons to make sure this equipment gets properly recycled:

  • Mitigate data security concerns
  • Keep hazardous material out of the landfill
  • Reduce carbon footprint and demand on natural resources
  • Decrease environmental pollution and waste